Twisted Apple Stained Glass Studio

The Twisted Apple Stained Glass Studio

is located in central New York's southern

tier, town of Norwich. The studio is owned

by Frank A Badia and his wife of 50 years,

Loretta where they live on an old blueberry

farm, both Frank and Loretta are retired.

 Frank, the artist has been creating

stained glass art for many years and on

retirement turned a hobby into a small

home based business. you will not find any cheap imported items here, each creation is cut, fitted, and leaded by hand each piece is etched with the studios mark and date it was made with pride, we cater to customers who appreciate the beauty and the expertise required to create fine glass art. Frank is a licensed electrician with over 50 years in the trade

who had to retire in 2005 due to a disability,

 Loretta is the mother of our 4 children,

who are all grown, she lives for our

grandchildren always looking forward to

visits from them. The studio is located

next to our home who we share with our

3 dogs, Dixie, Daisy, and Dukie, AKA the three stooges . Enjoy our web site and stop by from time to time to see what we have added, and any new news we have, Thanks, Frank and Loretta Badia  



Hanging light fixture,

     custom design


Blue bird nite lite


Beveled glass share

  cross suncatcher


Milk cow miniature

      wind chime


Frank at the design desk


A well known icon, the  

   Woodstock symbol

     as a suncatcher